Crowd Tangle for Hey Arnold movie trailer – Alyssa Lobo and Jill Mitchell

We chose this post because, the 90s. Need we say more? Yes? Okay. It’s a Hey Arnold movie trailer, the stoop kid is finally leaving the stoop! This post tugs at the young adults’ nostalgia for all things 90s. And it had over 1000 reactions, over 100 comments, and 971 shares on the day it was posted, and since it was posted on a Friday, that number only grew over the weekend. This is the perfect viral topic because everyone wants to tag and share with their friends. In the past couple of years, after Nickelodeon’s launch of The Splat, a multi-platform viewer for 90s shows, a resurgence of 90’s TV show buzz has happened. And it is Cartoon Network’s 25th anniversary this year. More and more people are talking about these 90’s shows and cartoons, and it’s not just 90’s kids, millenials are hopping on board as well!

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