Do you know how to Renegade?

With the widespread hype of Tik Tok, there are many dances you can see while scrolling on the app. I have been sucked into the trend and have also tried performing the dances as well. The most popular dance on the app is called the “renegade.” According to Insider, it has more than 29.7 million users attempting this fast paced choreography. After trying many times to perform the “renegade,” I had my friend and sorority sister, Rachel, help me teach as well as learn the dance with you and educate you on the trend of the “renegade.” Below is the tutorial on how to do the Tik Tok dance to Renegade.



2 thoughts on “Do you know how to Renegade?

  1. Zachara,

    Your video on the Renegade tutorial has inspired me to take action on learning the dance! Great content!

    Also, your sister is amazing at the dance! Since TikTok is so popular nowadays, I thought that this was the perfect video to create for this assignment.


  2. I know how to “renegade”, but I love how you had a friend teach it to you! I think that made it much more engaging. I would have loved to see you do it at the end too though 🙂

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