In honor of the Dancing with the Stars Finale Tonight, I followed the hashtag #DWTS to see what people were saying about this popular TV show. Many of the tweets were from people were voting for on the show, and they used Twitter to express who they were voting for, and also encouraged others to vote as well with hashtags like #TeamSharNick and #TeamCrikey in addition to the hashtag #DWTS. Other fans used the #DWTS hashtag to wish all 4 finalist teams good luck, or to discuss past contestants that they admired.

In addition to fans using this as a platform to communicate who they’re voting for, they also use it to express their excitement for the show in general. Because of the Monday night football game showing tonight, some Twitter users expressed frustration that Dancing With the Stars is being postponed until 1 pm.

The most popular tweets with this hashtag seem to come from either the Official DWTS Twitter account, the contestants themselves, or popular news sources like E! Online. While the DWTS Twitter account is very informative and shows recaps and updates about the show, the contestants usually are posting conversational and behind the scenes tweets where they are interacting with their partners, other dancers, and their fans. I think that this humanizes them and helps generate the huge buzz that the #DWTS hashtag has.

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  1. Hashtags for shows are super interesting since it creates engagement with viewers and gets people hyped throughout the duration of the show. For one of my homework assignments in another class, we had to live tweet a TV show and discuss our in take of the show vs. not live tweeting. I found myself more excited to find out what the end result was because I was tweeting along with the show as well as not paying attention to the commercials. Dancing with the Stars has a super active hashtag too since its a show you have to watch live!

  2. As a huge DWTS fan myself, I enjoyed reading this post and relating to the points you made. I have noticed that DWTS is incredibly present on social media. I follow many of the stars on Instagram and Twitter, and it is extremely apparent that the hashtags are a key part in attracting attention to the show. From the very first week, partners come up with team names that they hashtag in all of their tweets and Instagram posts. I especially enjoyed Derek and Bindi’s partner hashtag, #teamcrikey. Before I even knew who Bindi Irwin was, this hashtag intrigued me and made me want to know more about her. From that point on, I used the hashtag to find related posts on Instagram and Twitter to follow Team Crikey as they became my favorite team on the show. Hashtags are really a great way to show support for the show and drive conversation on social media.

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