Everybody loves a late night snack… right?

Has Insomnia delivery failed you, maybe one too many times? Check out this video to see how to satisfy your sweet tooth in under 25 minutes! Thanks to the Trader Joe’s, deep dish, chocolate chip cookie skillet, you can bypass the Insomnia delivery and bake your own sweet treats from the comfort of your own home.

**created for a school project**


4 thoughts on “Everybody loves a late night snack… right?

  1. This looks amazing! Trader Joe’s has the best prepared foods – every week I spend the majority of my paycheck trying out all of their unique choices. This is definitely going to be in my next order!!! Thanks for sharing, and showing us how easy it is to make!

  2. Definitely something I have to try as I love cookies and I love ice cream! I’m not a huge fan of cookies from a box or bag, yet I don’t know how to cook. With this pre- made deep dish I am able to solve that issue.

  3. Great video! I saw this on Facebook and really want to try it, and now after seeing your video I’ll be sure to pick it up at the store next week! Thanks for sharing.

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