“Explore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes”

For our project, we will focus on how major companies and television shows are incorporating Periscope to raise awareness about their brands, as well as the new social media platform. In a day and age where social media is unavoidable, it seems as if this platform can become a lifestyle that all will certainly interact with. Everyone is always looking for the newest and next best thing. Periscope presents a unique way to engage with individuals from around the world in real-time. Periscope encapsulates the moment. Periscope represents the future of live streaming video.

One thought on ““Explore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes”

  1. While considering Periscope as the new social media of choice, I was shocked at how engaging brands are with this new platform, in almost no time whatsoever. I was first introduced to Periscope through class, but then one of my favorite shows integrated it into the viewing atmosphere. Not only can brands launch a product and create a new viewing experience for their fans, such as product releases and giveaways, but they can also incorporate their brand experience into a television viewing one as well, which is making live television a more “live-streaming-interaction” with fans different than that of “live-Tweeting,” or at least along the same lines.

    In Empire, as I was watching the show the day after on Hulu, I noticed that they were Periscoping Hakeem Lyon’s call out to rapper Frieda Gatz, and fans were commenting and heart-ing his words throughout. Obviously the show was filmed before it aired, so this streaming was pre-recorded, but I heard some friends go on the Empire Periscope and they saw the same exact recording (from the show) the night of and they were able to engage with it as well. Television shows are their own brands, especially one as big as Empire with the recording cast they have and all of the merchandise, so Periscoping is a new and interactive way to engage with consumers live, on a platform that directly correlates with Twitter’s “live-Tweeting” from the cast as well.

    It is interesting to see how musical performances in general are changing, after the world YouTube was able to open up to post these experiences as soon as they happen. Now musical performances can happen live, interactively all over the world. Radio stations are now not only for the ear-waves, but also for the visual receivers as well, in a different behind the scenes action than before. This breathes a new life into a platform such as Spotify, because it no longer is just a platform to listen to music without faces to names. When Spotify tweets that they are Periscoping with an artist, it brings that performance to life in a new way than just “hearing the band play live” on an application.

    Periscope is pushing YouTube or other visual holding applications aside as it taps into the consumer’s need for something tangible right now, in the moment, and that 24-hour rule allows that to happen. The ephemeral feel of the application and its contents make them feel more catchy, more exciting because if you miss it, you miss it forever. That is the kind of consumer base a lot of brands have at the moment, because the younger generations attention span is short and sweet, and brands need to be catchy and quick to capture the attention of their consumers to move forward and beat out their competition.

    My team did a wonderful job laying out what the platform is and how brands are utilizing it to create new interactions with their consumers. This new social media platform is breathing life into radio and broadcast and prime-time television in ways we never could have imagined before. Think about sports or concerts, places people could never dream of attending, and now they can, through one simple downloadable app.


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