#funnycat Everybody Loves.

One of the intriguing and entertaining things scrolling through Twitter is reading feeds about animals, whatever cats, dogs or birds. To the cat lovers, typing the hashtag #funnycat into the search engine, numerous twitters pop up with cats’ naughty face, meme and video attached with #funnycat. It is no doubt that strong and cool human being get melted down instantly by these lovely, furry and chubby creatures.

The hashtag originally is created by cat lovers who take their pet’s picture uploading to Twitter and share with people. referring about cat actively in social media, people might first come to mind it is “Piano Cat” which a Youtube video about a cat plays the piano, drawing over 43 million hits. The frenzy to cats also prevail in Twitter. Among 2000 tweets during February 1st to February 29th, the most popular retweets is a black and white cat has a mustache like black fur above mouth posted on 20th, which got about 48 retweets and 127 likes. The account, Muppetcatstache has 2,786 followers.  Beside to its own account got 18 spreads, @Bemocked_Cypher got 5 retweets, which ranked second.

As for geographic distribution, top three countries use the hashtag most frequent are U.S.(68.4%), Canada(5.3%) and Germany(5.3%). The majority of shared users based in North American.

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In Word cloud, funnycat, catstagram,catsgif and animalprotection are most obvious. It seems like Japan contributes a lot to this hashtag because the Japanese also involves within the cloud.

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Last but not at least, we can see “cat”,”kitten”,”catsofinstagram” are three main center of the buzz graph. People connects cat with expression like “puff” and “cute”, which are the branch of the centers. Majority of people can not resist the temptation of kitten, hence, this magic word also shows in the graph. Many people also love to share their pictures through Instagram and share on Twitter. People like to tweet about picture of cats’ sleeping and the video of cat’s sound, meow.

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The hashtag sate your appetite to cats and you will be drenched yourself into the little adorable creature.

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  1. I feel like the Internet’s fascination with all things cat is something I will never fully comprehend. Funny how it’s mostly the US side of the Internet, too.

  2. That’s a pretty cute hashtag, I didn’t even know that was a thing! The U.S. tweets it the most, but it would be interesting to see if there’s a state that posts the most about their cats… could be an interesting national or state by state competition in the future.

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