Give the Angels Wings: us or politicians?

January 2018, an 8-year-old girl named Asiafa in India was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Due to the young age of the Muslin victim and the chilling statements of the criminal that he wanted to scare Muslims, this event aroused an outrage in India and on social media worldwide. Rape crimes on young girls have always been a concern of most people. But this event was different for its political background, and accordingly people are focussing on different aspects.

Lots of people expressed their empathy and indignation on the girl herself, thinking that no matter what is the purpose of the politics, people are trying to help #Asiafa.

However, others concern more about political issues and feel like this event is more of political event and people should pay attention.

It’s sad to see such tragedy happens, but we should also mind not to be used a tool for political power. Focus on the angel herself, her wings should be made by us, not by politicians.


One thought on “Give the Angels Wings: us or politicians?

  1. Thanks Dongqing for your analysis about this tragedy. When one issue is connected with political ideology, the issue itself would become more complicated and obscure. Twitter provides a platform for free debate, but more debates sometimes cannot lead to clearer truth. I totally agree with your final statement, the tradegy should not be consumed again by politicians.

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