How Do You Pronounce Long Island Town Names?

It’s no shock that Long Island town names are interesting and hard to pronounce. Most of them are this way because they derive from Native American words or tribes. Here’s a quick guide on how to pronounce some common Long Island towns!


8 thoughts on “How Do You Pronounce Long Island Town Names?

  1. Steven,
    I love that you chose to do your video on how to pronounce Long Island town names. It’s such a silly and simple approach to this project. Great job!

  2. Steven!

    As a long islander myself, this is so perfect! It’s funny because these names come naturally to us but I have heard so many people mess up words like Hauppauge or Massapequa etc, way too many times!

    Such a great video! Love it!!

  3. Hi Steven,

    This is SO funny! I always thought those towns were pronounce totally different. I know in class you always say Long Island really represents you. This is a great way to sell you brand! Being from Long Island unites everyone together and it’s definitely fun to use this to talk about. It was such a funny idea for a video.

  4. Steven, really funny video and post! Although I am not personally from Long Island, being from the greater New York City area I definitely am always surrounded my Long Islanders and have heard about many of these towns you mentioned. I think being from Long Island and owning that is great for your brand and it was awesome that you incorporated that into this funny and creative post.

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