How is a robot so much better at social media than I am?

I live for a good Instagram, but I can’t stand influencers. But when one account caught my eye, I honestly got a little scared about robots taking over the world. If you don’t know anything about Lil Miquela…here’s the breakdown of this very average, “19 year old”, LA-based robot. Will this open up the flood gate of robot influencer marketing?


5 thoughts on “How is a robot so much better at social media than I am?

  1. Hey Rafaela, nice video! In my opinion you picked a really interesting topic, because it is actually a pretty new phenomenon. Furthermore, I like the fact that you put a screen video into your video to show her insta account. Apart from that, your humorous approach made it pleasant to watch. The only thing I’d criticize is that your sound was unfortunately a bit scratchy.

  2. Rafaela,
    I saw this the other month and it threw me for complete loop. That technology has gotten crazy enough for robots is wild enough but that it can also “interact” with people on social media is even more mind boggling.

    I’m also trash at social media, so I feel you.

  3. Hey Rafaela,
    I really enjoyed watching this video. I thought it was very interesting when you included your screen records. I found the video very easy to follow and very creative. I liked how you profiled each and every influencer. I never thought about robots, but now that you brought it up I am extremely intrigued.

  4. Rafy,
    I had no idea this account even existed! It’s crazy to think that for two years people thought they were following a human. I’m trying to imagine what my reaction would be if I found out that an account I follow is a robot, and I honestly think it would be a mix of shock and anger. It’ll be interesting to see how this kind of technology will affect trust online – I’m not opposed to the idea of robots on social media, but I think it’s deceptive for them to pose as humans. I’ll definitely be thinking this over for a while, so thanks for giving me food for thought!

  5. Hey Rafaela,
    This was one of my favorite posts that I’ve seen so far because while I have heard of this “influencer-robot,” I had never done any research to actually understand the background behind this mysterious social media influencer. I loved the way you integrated the scrolling of her instagram as it made for really engaging visual content during your commentary. Not to mention, your last comment about how we all seem to be living in a Black Mirror Episode is too relatable to the scary technological progressions our world is making and hey, it made me laugh! Great job!

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