How Politicians can Win Like The Migos

It’s 2018 and not many people are winning like the Migos.

Quavo, Takeoff and Offset have been seriously killing the game (experiencing huge success for those who don’t know the vernacular) and, while keeping the agenda setting theory in mind, this blog attempts to provide three easy tips for politicians to capitalize on.

1 . Walk It How You Talk It

Politicians have to remember that the public is not interested in being lead by hypocrites. So, it’s best for the candidate or appointee to be personally aligned with their message because if the media ever catches them slipping, they will be dragged (“insulted publicly on social media” for those who don’t know the vernacular) – and a good dragging has been known to disrupt careers.

2. Create More Of The Same Content

Some might say that all Migos songs sound the same. I say, “agreed, but what’s wrong with that?” Having a consistent message and a cohesive brand is the wave. (The “thing to do” for those who don’t know the vernacular) There’s nothing worse than a politician who panders to an audience for more votes. In other words, DO NOT do what Hillary did.

3. Flood The Market

Migos just released 24 tracks on Culture II- almost double the amount content of the average album. Consumers decide what’s important based on trending topics in the media. So, politicians have to create enough newsworthy moments and/or provide enough drama for influencers and gatekeepers to cover their story.

Other things are important for politicians including cultivating a strong team in which all members have individually clout. All three Migos are able to work on solo projects without harming the group. And so far, the trio has successfully convinced the industry that anything they touch is a guaranteed bop. (A “hit” for those who don’t know the vernacular)


3 thoughts on “How Politicians can Win Like The Migos

  1. Eveny, this was such a creative idea to compare agenda setting to the Migos! It’s topical and made me want to read more. I think it’s really important that you pointed out the significance of brand consistency and messaging. There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a consistent message, especially when it comes to social media platforms! I do think next time it would be great if you incorporated a direct quote/explanation from the reading so people get a better idea of how it relates to Shaw and McCombs. I know since I read the article and it’s linked here, but it might be good to just directly mention the theory itself.

  2. Definitely loved this unique take on politicians and music. It made me want to read all the way to the end and the title drew me in right away, even though I don’t keep up with Migos that much. I agree on consistency. If you keep changing, no one really knows who you are or what you stand for. Changing music choices can send a musician’s career downhill. It’s even worse when changes are with politicians, like you said with Hillary. While change can be good, sometimes consistency is key!

  3. Hi Eveny, I agree with your points on why it’s important for the politicians to be personally aligned with their messages. These days, things can go viral like wildfire. Everybody is watching the politicians. Thanks to social media. If they want to earn respect from the netizen, they need to stick to their words.

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