How Social Media Has Affected Me

Social media has come quite a long way since I was I graduated high school in 2012 let alone the last couple of years. The exponential growth of the Internet and mobile apps has allowed many people to use social media as a way of life now as we embark the year 2016.

Snapchat has become a revolutionary tool. The social media app has a valuation north of 15 billion dollars and has become an app that has made one-to-one relationships very personable. For example, with the upcoming 2016 election I can see what the candidates are up to. This has allowed me to gain insight from several of the presidential campaigns and it is all being recorded from their iPhones or Android devices.

I am also a big fan of the UFC and follow the UFC Snapchat. The UFC posts snaps of fighters right before their fights while they are cutting weight and signing autographs. As an aspiring MMA broadcaster, I appreciate the insight I can get from Snapchat on some of the fighters.

In the book Rewire, Zuckerman talks about how social media has been used throughout society to help improve relationships worldwide and prevent diseases. Zuckerman uses the 2012 Benghazi example of the anti-muslim film Innocence of Muslims that enraged people of Muslim faith to attack the U.S. consulate. The film went viral. Viral videos have become an internet phenomenon and have also helped me keep to speed with the latest trends and things people are talking about.


3 thoughts on “How Social Media Has Affected Me

  1. Really interesting take on companies using social media to market their product through social media i.e. UFC with their promoted fighter snapstories. It highlights the unique experience Snapchat gives users and shows the value of the technology.

  2. I like how you posted the video! I never thought to take that idea into action. I love how you provided statistics yet related it back to how social media has personally affected you, and you interested in UFC.


  3. I totally agree with the growing use of Snapchat, especially with sporting events. I’ve loved the featured stories at big events because it gives fans like myself the inside look of what’s going on in the stadium. It’s a way for you to be there without actually being there.

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