How to use the new filter camera “FaceU”?

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Getting tired of Snapchat’s filters? Or feel not good enough?
Introducing a new coming Chinese filter camera app “FaceU”!
This app provides many incredible dynamic filters, which are like the one on snapchat, but it provides more features and fun for the purpose of people sharing with friends on social media!
It’s really popular in Asian countries recently so this is why I want to introduce it to more people!
And this app was produced by a group of young people (after 90s) who have published “FaceQ” before, which is an app you can create your own cartoon avatar. Really expect this new coming app can break the Internet again!
Enjoy this cool stuff! And become the chillest person online!

–Esther Xinxin Xu


3 thoughts on “How to use the new filter camera “FaceU”?

  1. What a cool app! I wonder if there will be a lot of competition between this and snapchat. It would be interesting if they combined to get both of the different types of filters.

  2. That’s so amazing! I love how the theme was accompanied by music! I wonder, like Anna, if there will competition between this and snapchat. There are many features you discussed here that snapchat doesn’t offer right now. I look forward to seeing how snapchat or if snapchat will respond to the benefits of faceu.

  3. So engaging and interesting! I can’t help watching it again and again. Although I have this app on my phone, I never use it. After I watched your video and I tried some functions you mentioned, which was really entertainment.

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