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At the beginning of the semester (January 13th), I started off with 6 followers and by the end of the semester (April), I have 44 followers. Therefore, my percentage of growth was 633%.

When looking at my growth per month, I noticed that the more I tweeted, the more impressions and profile visits I received. According to analytics, my best month on Twitter was February, and my worst month was April. The chart below compares the difference in values, and shows the improvement that consistent tweeting makes.

February April









Profile Visits 



New Followers



In addition to tweeting on a more regular basis, many of my Tweets in February had at least 2 hashtags and the content of the Tweets was more authentic to my voice, and they stated more of my opinions. In April, not only did I Tweet less, but I also Tweeted less subjectively. Overall, in order to keep influencing and attract more engagement in the future, I will add more hashtags and maintain authenticity in my posts.


Here are my top 10 Tweets from the semester:

It is very likely that the popular Bachelor hashtag generated some traffic to my Tweet, especially because it was published on Monday at 8:30pm, which is when The Bachelor airs. As seen below, I received over 1,000 impressions and over 100 media views. Using the hashtag and tweeting in real time, or while the episode was premiering, helped promote my Tweet with those who were live tweeting. Also, the media helped depict my attitude towards the show, which may have helped illustrate my message.

Impressions 1,225
Media Views 144
Total Engagements 10
Media Engagements 4
Profile Clicks 3
Hashtag Clicks 2
Likes 1
Engagement Rate 0.8%


This Tweet was also centered around a very popular topic, which was the Weeknd’s new album. After the artist made an announcement about “After Hours,” I used the hashtag, tagged profiles, and linked his instagram where he made the announcement. Seeing that there were clicks on the hashtag and on the links show how people had engaged. Also, because this Tweet was published while the announcement was trending, it had greater potential to receive more impressions. This Tweet also served as stock content because I wanted to be able to come back to this Tweet once the album had been released.

Impressions 659
Total Engagements 3
Likes 1
Link Clicks 1
Hashtag Clicks 1
Engagement Rate 0.5%


On the day of Kobe Bryant’s memorial, I replied to a Tweet with my thoughts of what I had been seeing all over social media. Using one of the many trending hashtags and by replying to a very popular Twitter account with 3.5 million followers, the number of impressions was, again, higher than normal. Using key hashtags, interacting with popular accounts, and tweeting during a large event like this has increased the views of my Tweet, even if there wasn’t any direct interaction, such as through likes or replies.

Impressions 420
Engagement Rate 0%

The last three Tweets were the most popular during the semester, as they revolved around social events or trending topics. Similar to how advertisers participate in social listening, I, in a way, was also social listening by keeping up with current events and tweeting in the midst of trending topics, which resulted in higher impressions.

With this Tweet, I tried cross-promoting my Instagram account on Twitter. Using the Instagram hashtag brought new Twitter users to my page, and increased the amount of likes on the Tweet. The engagement rate on this Tweet has been one of the highest, and that could be due to the hashtag or media, when considering the media engagements below. Because Twitter isn’t always a visual medium, perhaps the screenshot of my Instagram account caught the attention of Twitter users.

Impressions 350
Total Engagements 49
Media Engagements 41
Likes 5
Profile Clicks 3
Engagement Rate 14.5%


Also a part of my social listening strategy, I continued to Tweet about the Kobe Bryant memorial, and used different hashtags, as there were multiple trending the day of the memorial. I also replied to another very popular Twitter account that has 8.5 million followers, and received a decent amount of impressions. I believe that my interaction with this account resulted in the high amount of views, despite no one having interacted with my Tweet.

Impressions 322
Engagement Rate 0%


Using Google Trends, I analyzed which word is used more: rotary or roundabout. Most people on the west coast use the word roundabout, which is what this Tweet is acknowledging. The engagement rate was unusually high, and this might be because of the relatability of the Tweet, and the media used. Considering that there were 3 likes, I believe this was a relatable post, and the graphic must’ve caught people’s attention; there was a higher media engagement and detail expand than normal. This may also be due to the language I used, causing curiosity from my followers because a graph isn’t media I would normally post. I believe the detail expands and the media engagement are what caused the high engagement rate.

Impressions 321
Total Engagements 47
Media Engagements 31
Detail Expands 6
Profile Clicks 5
Likes 3
Link Clicks 1
Hashtag Clicks 1
Engagement Rate 14.6%


Because I was acknowledging a SU and Newhouse alum, I received a decent amount of impressions just from interacting with their Tweet. Also, using the Newhouse hashtag helped my Tweet get more views, since both Syracuse University and Newhouse have large followings. Although there were no interactions with my Tweet, the traffic from the hashtag resulted in 300 impressions.

Impressions 301
Engagement Rate 0%


Because this Tweet was published shortly after creating this new account, the profile clicks and engagement rates were high, which helped me gain followers back in January. Also, because I added a picture of campus, the detail expands and media engagements were better than an average Tweet. I find that Tweets with some type of media gain more views, and sometimes more likes. Additionally, not many of my followers may have known what the hashtag NHsmc meant, so that may explain the hashtag clicks, although there weren’t many.

Impressions 287
Total Engagements 26
Profile Clicks 10
Media Engagements 7
Detail Expands 5
Hashtag Clicks 2
Likes 2
Link Clicks 1
Engagement Rate 8.4%


Using images and the hashtag Monday Motivation on a Monday morning could have added to the number of impressions and total engagements that this Tweet received. Posting positive, flow content like this not only grabs the attention of those scrolling through their feed, but also helps me develop a positive brand for myself on social media.

Impressions 274
Total Engagements 29
Media Engagements 14
Detail Expands 10
Likes 4
Replies 1
Engagement Rate 8.9%


This Tweet also served as a piece of flow content. Publishing a Tweet with images helped me remain consistent in my posting, which led to the growth seen during the month of February. As previously mentioned, hashtags also help attract attention outside of my followers, which also allowed for higher impressions.

Impressions 245
Total Engagements 22
Media Engagements 20
Likes 1
Profile Clicks 1
Engagement Rate 9.0%

Although many of the same techniques worked to increase the amount of impressions, engagement and followers (i.e. hashtags, images, trending topics, timing, consistency in posting, etc.), one thing that I noticed didn’t work is tagging other accounts in Tweets, especially if they were under the 50,000 follower threshold. I thought that if I stayed below this threshold I would most likely get a reply or another kind of interaction like a like, but unfortunately I didn’t. I think recognition from other accounts with a larger following could really help my account grow, so I will try to be more consistent in tagging accounts in hopes of one day receiving recognition through a like or a reply.

Another thing I noticed that didn’t work was using general hashtags that were not trending. This did not bring as much attention to my Tweets as the trending hashtags did. An example of this was the last Tweet with the hashtag Syracuse or those with only the NHsmc hashtag. I learned that I should use more popular hashtags in addition to these if I want more engagement or views.

Overall, I have learned and practiced how to grow my Twitter account, and I will continue to add to my progress thus far.

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