Influencer/Top 10 Tweets

Twitter Follower Growth:

Start: 24

End: 42

Percent Gain: 75%


I felt that I added followers in a plethora of ways, which helped me branch out and be followed by a diverse group of people.  I was able to get retweeted by one of my favorite hockey journalists, which added a few hockey fan followers, as well as gaining followers from making friends in class, and also from my viral tweet campaign.  This twitter account (I have a social one as well that I use much more) was relatively new and I had not tweeted often from it, however when I began tweeting on a more regular basis I was able to gain followers.  A few of my tweets included hashtags that also improved my amount of followers slightly.  I probably could have gone out and followed more people to attempt to get a follow back.  This is one thing I wish I had done to improve my follower growth.

Klout Score Growth:


End: 31.58

Percent Gain: 113%

Top 10 Tweets:


Engagement: 78 total. 2 retweets, 7 likes.

Here I tagged one of my favorite Pittsburgh Penguins reporter/journalist and he retweeted me which gave my tweet a lot of views, since he has over 100k followers.  This tweet was part of a class assignment to reach out to someone popular.


Engagement: 49 total. 4 retweets, 10 likes.

This tweet was posted during a class where we learned about a website called Emoji Tracker that included live updates and analytics of the most and least used emojis across the world.  While everyone was interested in which emojis were used most, I played devil’s advocate and tweeted the one that is used least. People found this funny, and it gained some success.


Engagements: 18 total. 1 retweet, 2 likes.

This tweet was posted during our viral campaign, and I felt that after the election was decided, I could make a connection to it somehow.  By using the hashtag ‘Election Night’ I was able to get a lot of impressions and views due to the hashtag’s popularity.


Engagements: 72 total. 3 retweets, 6 likes.

Again, this was during the viral content challenge.  This was the first tweet I put out, and my classmates helped me get some engagements.  Due to those retweets, it spread to other groups of people.  I tried to include a relatable caption for the twitter card, as well.


Engagement: 52 total. 0 retweets, 2 likes.

This tweet was made for a twitter assignment that required us to post a selfie.  Rather than just post a random selfie, I tried to get engagement from a company, so I chose Chipotle and was able to get a favorite as well as a reply from my favorite fast food place.


Engagement: 63 total. 1 retweet, 4 likes.

Here, I used a relevant event to complete a twitter assignment.  I used hashtags to get more engagement and used media to catch the eye of both followers and possibly people who clicked on the hashtag.  I included an emoji as well, to add to the visual aspect of the tweet.


Engagements: 22 total. 0 retweets, 4 likes.

During our Periscope challenge, which was hilarious and extremely fun, we tweeted it out to get more viewers, and to spread some happiness and hopefully generate a few laughs.  This tweet included a hashtag to try to gain more viewers, as well as included Periscope media.


Engagements: 9 total. 1 retweet, 1 like.

Again, this tweet came during the viral content campaign.  I tried to make it relevant once again to the time of the election, by including that hashtag.  I also tagged “meme” in this tweet.


Engagements: 9 total. 0 retweets, 0 likes.

This was drafted as an assignment to tweet a link.  I tried to get replies and engagements by asking a question, however seemed to come up short.  I added a tag of TSN as well as tagging the NHL in a hashtag.


Engagements: 35 total. 0 retweets, 0 likes.

This tweet was an assignment to create a gif and tweet it using Gif Boom. Since this was media, it got a lot of clicks, I think.  I also included the hashtag ‘poker’ to get the tweet out to another group of people.


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