Influencing in 140 characters or less

After a semester spent in COM 427, I have had the opportunity to evaluate my personal social media use and enhance my presence on various social media platforms. Before this class, I hadn’t been on my Twitter in years but decided to use my already existing user account to keep my follower base. I began the semester with 392 followers and am now ending with 421 followers, a 7.4% increase.

I also began the semester with a Klout score of 18 and I am now ending with a score of 33, an 83% increase. My tweets received a total of 11.7K impressions; a 145.7% increase and my profile received a total of 1,550 visits, a 54.2% increase. I am very proud of the progress I have made throughout this semester in #NHsmc and I hope to keep my social media presence strong in both my personal and professional life moving forward.


1. This tweet was created when the assignment was to share a pano image on Twitter. This tweet received by far the most impressions out of all of my tweets probably because I used #pano, which is a widely used hashtag to promote pano images on Twitter. The tweet received 1,413 impressions and 37 engagements, with an engagement rate of 2.6%.

2. It happened to be an extremely gloomy Syracuse afternoon when we were told to create an image with a sticker and emoji. I believe the engagement on this tweet is fairly high because The OC has a wide viewer base and I tagged @TheOCSeries and also included #TheOC. The use of the emoji and sticker also helps set the overall tone for the picture, allowing my viewers to relate to the dark days in Syracuse that we all experience regularly. The tweet received 436 impressions and 58 engagements, with an engagement rate of 13.3%.

3. Everyone loves a good Throwback Thursday or any weekly hashtag. This tweet received 6 likes on Twitter by an audience who can directly relate to the question, how did the year go by so quickly? The tweet received 553 impressions and 92 engagements, with an engagement rate of 16.6%.

4. When the assignment for the week was to share an image with an engaging filter, I immediately thought of all of the photos I took when I was abroad in Italy last year. I felt that this tweet was extremely relevant to the subject matter because anyone celebrating Passover can relate to the feeling of craving a pizza after 8 days of no bread. The tweet received 311 impressions and 69 engagements, with an engagement rate of 22.2%.

5. This tweet was one of the first tweets that I created using a GIF to celebrate that I gain most of my followers on Tuesdays. I tagged @FollowerWonk, a tool that helps you explore and dig deeper into your Twitter analytics. I also decided to recycle this tweet and retweet it a few weeks later to see if the engagement would increase. The tweet received 548 impressions and 18 engagements, with an engagement rate of 3.4%.

6. After the United Airlines fiasco, I decided to tweet out using #UnitedAirlines and tagging @AmericanAirlines. I was completely appalled my the situation and felt that it was my responsibility as an active voice on Twitter to give credit to American Airlines for being a great company to fly with. The tweet received 400 impressions and 23 engagements, with an engagement rate of 5.8%.

7. In this tweet, I used a weekly hashtag but I decided to use it a little differently than in the past. I attached an article titled, “32 Magical Destinations to Visit in this Lifetime,” hoping to get a high level of engagement from my audience when they click on the article. The tweet received 351 impressions and 16 engagements, with an engagement rate of 4.6%.

8. One of my favorite topics that I learned about this semester was a/b testing. This concept is something that is very relevant to my field and I have learned about it in many classes that I have taken. Using a/b testing on social media is extremely important in recognizing what worked and what did not. I tweeted out this article two separate times with different captions and I saw that this tweet received higher engagement than the other one. I believe this happened because this tweet was more creative with my word choice. The tweet received 433 impressions and 14 engagements, with an engagement rate of 3.2%.

9. During the class Periscope heart challenge, I decided to video the Oreo Dunk Challenge group. I felt that this challenge was the most entertaining challenge to watch (besides my group of course) so I wanted to feature it on my Twitter feed. The tweet received 864 impressions and 44 engagements, with an engagement rate of 5.1%.


10. This tweet is by far my favorite engagement that I have received on Twitter this semester. The assignment was to create a Twitter poll and after responding to Abby’s poll, the official Rita’s Italian Ice mentioned Abby and I. Rita’s has over 29K followers so it was exciting to know that we were mentioned by such a well-known company. The tweet received 10 engagements.

#NHsmc has taught me how to grow my skills IRL (in real life) and in the digital world. The hands on social media experience that I gave gained this semester will allow me to maintain a digital presence in all aspects of my life.

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