The Magnetic Force That Is Social Media

Older generations quickly jump to conclusions that we (as in millennials) are addicted to social media.

But the thing is – they use it an absurd amount also, they just use it in different ways because of the time that it was brought into their lives versus the mere fact that we were born into it.

Take Facebook, for example. My mom and her friends use Facebook to reconnect with people that they used to know. They use it in various other ways as well (such as forming communities) but the reason that they initially signed on was with intentions to reconnect and revisit. For us, we do not use it to reconnect because we were never disconnected. There is no room for people that we know to become people that we knew because once we know them they are permanently placed into our world when we become friends with them on Facebook. Even if we do not keep in contact with them we still know what is going on their lives, or at the very least what they want others to see. And we initially signed on because that is what people do.

Despite the reasons that we all signed on to social media, the fact of the matter is that we all did and now we are forever connected in one way or another. Older generations are granted the ability to re-spark connections that they have made while younger generations stay connected from the get go.

In other words, yes – social media is bringing the world closer together.


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