Kim Kardashian Goes Topless and it’s Called “Trendy.” I Go Shirtless and it’s Called Creepy

The MTV Video Music Awards are on but I’m not home to watch and Twitter has all the updates from the red carpet. There has been a bombing at the Istanbul international airport and I can’t reach my friend traveling to Turkey but Facebook notified me she is safe. These are just two examples of why social media is so prevalent in my life and why I use it religiously.

Being a full time college student, Vice President of my fraternity, an intern and working 3 days a week can be pretty time consuming. I hardly have time to sit down and read full-length articles about what is going on in the world day to day. With social media, I can keep up to date with everything I want to know.   Facebook has algorithms to help craft posts pertaining to my interests. If I want to see all entertainment news, I know to go E! News’ Facebook page and I can read a quick sentence and know what is going on with the latest Kardashian drama. If I want to know what’s happening with politics, I can go to the CNN twitter page and read 140 characters about something stupid Donald Trump just said. These are just a couple ways I keep up to date with the fast world around me. Without social media, I would have no idea what world I’m living in.

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