Life is Like a Dandelion

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Description: A black-and-white photo of a dandelion


I think this content is viral because it takes the less travelled approach to a widely recognized natural phenomenon. The dandelion is a symbol of wishing and dreaming. It is also a symbol of optimism and perspective because scientifically it is a weed and is detrimental to other plants sharing its soil. Yet, people still see the beauty in the dandelion and blow its seeds away to make a wish.

My specific approach to the dandelion in the case is quite different. I related the dandelion to life and suggested not to blow it. In colloquial terms, to “blow” something is to ruin or waste it. I connected both the denotative and connotative meanings of the phrase with life and the dandelion. Therefore, I think this is content is viral because it is an interesting, new way to look at dandelions in relation to life.

I also think this content is viral because it is very relatable. I’m sure everyone has had, or will have, a moment in their lives when they are at a standstill and feel that they may not be making the best, most beneficial life choices. This photo reminds the viewer to stay focused on the beauty and positive things ahead of them. It is telling them to stay diligent and to motivate themselves so that they can look back and be happy with their life.

This image will do well on Pinterest because it follows the unwritten guidelines of the platform. It is impersonal, yet relatable. The dandelion is well photographed and is the appropriate focus. Pinterest also has an extremely high female audience so I am catering more to the “female eye” with a beautiful image of a dandelion and the subtle caption flowing across it. According to several data reports about Pinterest, posts about food, crafts, and fashion have the highest engagement. Research cited in, though, stated that motivational posts have the highest engagement on Wednesdays. Therefore, since this is being posted on a Wednesday, the odds of higher engagement are automatically higher.

My relation of the dandelion to life should motivate people to stay diligent and focused because life is short and delicate. In the caption I talked about the deeper meaning and relevance to life. I wrote, “A dandelion can withstand the wind, but may lose a few pieces. Yet, it still stands as a symbol of dreaming and wishing. Be that symbol of a dream. Use your life to affect change in others. Life is like a dandelion, but don’t blow it.”

I will use several social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr) along with Pinterest to promote my content. I will repost it to each platform, except Pinterest, to receive higher engagement. I will also reach out to friends and family that have Pinterest and encourage them to take a look at the content and repin or like it if they want to.



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  1. I thought this was a great post. I love inspirational quotes and its paired perfectly with the black and white photo of the dandelion. This is something I could totally see trending on my Facebook feed, great job!!

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