Live Social Richness

The idea of having a team that stretches all around on a similar journey to mine is both inspiring and breathtaking. It pushes and fuels me to want and do more. Even though I may feel like quitting I don’t because this team is in it together.

How to reach millennials in an effective and efficient way? That is a question that is often asked constantly and consistently nowadays. For politicians running in the 2016 Presidential Election, I think the answer to that question is ever-changing. Some advice that I would give to the politicians in this race is to embrace the media richness theory and keep it live. As a millennial I like to stay up-to-date on what’s occurring. Not just on television but on social media as well. Creating live feeds throughout your campaign might help pull the attention of the audience that has missed out on major movements throughout this race. Having a rich social media presence helps to form connections from regular people to you. It also helps to inspire people when we can go on your journey with you outside of the debates and scheduled TV times.

A good example of keeping it live would be like this clip below. It is a movement by Kevin Hart that I recently started to follow.  #MoveWithHart is inspiring and creative to me as viewer. I am connecting with them as people and we are on a journey together in even though were located in different areas.

Another great example of Vin Diesel keeping it live and allowing to a little access into his world.

So to our politicians running in the 2016 Presidential Election – take us on the journey with you. We want to hear more about you as a person.

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