Media Pitch

With social media rapidly expanding, youth have begun to acknowledge themselves as public actors, claiming these platforms as tools for activism. One of the largest groups to take advantage of these platforms are young women of color. For this reason, I am proposing a Youtube talk show series created and produced by teenage girls, while mentored and advised by professionals. Throughout an internship role, the girls involved will be exposed to storytelling skills such as editing, screen writing, and videography.

The series offers an outlet for youth voices in spaces where they are often ignored, allowing them to respond to a political climate that substantially impacts their lives. It is an oppositional stance against the stereotypes surrounding teenage girls, reminding them of the importance of their voice in politics, education and pop culture

In closing I ask you to consider the following quote from Elaine Welteroth in an interview Teen Vogue

“If it was going to continue to exist… it would have to acknowledge that its readers cared about politics and social activism…”

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