Memes: A Moment of Satire to Make Everyone’s Day a Little bit Happier

We see internet memes everyday on all forms of social media, but what really is a meme? We laugh at them, recreate them, and share them all for the purpose of satire and to share with friends. Roughly, a meme is an idea, behavior, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Memes are used to share information in a more casual way and to make serious topics funny.

It’s clear to me based on everything that I have seen on social media that memes are only meant to create laughter and shouldn’t be taken more seriously. To prove this especially lets look at The Dolly Parton Meme Challenge that is currently going on now.

Even Def Leppard decided to get in on the challenge. The meme is nothing serious, it’s just an opportunity for Def Leppard to get in on the action and share all the different attitudes of their band. As a big fan, it makes me laugh even harder to see the effort that they put in to see their Tinder swagger. It’s a great opportunity for their audience to laugh and reminisce on all the different sides of the band.

Memes allow us to get countless of laughs throughout the day. Even when that classic Friends meme pops up, it sparks laughter amongst everyone. It’s that classic meme that causes humor and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. It makes us think back to that episode of Friends and want to watch it again.

Overall, Internet memes are meant to be humorous and cause laughs amongst friends. Everyone looks forward to seeing them everyday because they aren’t taken seriously and they are only for the laughs.

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