My Top 10 Tweets

With the help of Twitter analytics, I’ve mapped out my top 10 tweets. The tweets and their impressions, engagements and engagement rates are list below:

1. Impressions: 247; Engagements: 7; engagement rate: 2.8%. This tweet contains an rather interesting picture. And of cause the popular and general hashtag #socmed helped alot in expanding the audiences.

2. Impressions: 213; Engagements: 18; engagement rate: 8.5%. My very first tweet, calling on my classmates.

3. Impressions: 164; Engagements: 3; engagement rate: 1.8%. The tweet on the News engagement day. Again the popular hashtags helped.

4. Impressions: 132; Engagements: 6; engagement rate: 4.5%. Same as No.2

5. Impressions: 108; Engagements: 1; engagement rate: 0.9%

6. Impressions: 92; Engagements: 7; engagement rate: 7.6%.

7. Impressions: 83; Engagements: 1; engagement rate:1.2%.

8.Impressions: 80; Engagements: 2; engagement rate: 2.5%. A face composited by five emojis. Sadly, this cannot be displayed properly when embedded in the blog.

9. Impressions: 78; Engagements: 5; engagement rate: 6.4%.

10. Impressions: 77; Engagements: 4; engagement rate: 5.2%.

Generally speaking, I follow the rules that the tweets having 2 hashtags. I would embed a shortened link to the content I want to share, then embed a proper sized picture alongside it. I should have used more popular or trending hashtags to increase the potential exposure to the tweets.


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