My Top Ten Tweets for #NHsmtp

This semester I really enjoyed using the hashtag #NHsmtp to post class assignments as well as Tweets that I thought were interesting to my peers. It allows this class to make a mark on the Internet and to create conversations in a navigable way. My top ten Tweets range from September 2015 to December 2015.

By far the most engagement I received from users was my tweet about #InternationalCoffeeDay. I looked at the trending topics on Google Trends and picked the one I was willing to Tweet about. However, the trending hashtag wasn’t the main reason it was popular. It exploded with retweets and favorites because I tagged an influencer (@wheezywaiter) in the Tweet, as he was the subject of the GIF I made within the post.

Impressions: 13,952     Engagement: 473     Engagement Rate: 3.4%

This Tweet was inspired by our study of hashtags. I noticed a trend in celebrities using “Ask___” to start an online conversation. Users are sometimes cynical and did not use the hashtag in the way that PR teams hoped. Below it is hard to see the picture, seen here as a link instead of embedded in the Tweet. It is promoting a #SaySomethingNice hashtag to combat the previously negative examples. I thought my peers would find it interesting. The Tweet probably received a lot of impressions because those hashtags are still in use today.

Impressions: 3,080     Engagement: 11     Engagement Rate: 0.4%

I knew my Tweet about the Museum of Science and Technology would get a little momentum because I specifically tagged @MOSTSyracuse and created a visually appealing collage. It was also free publicity for the museum. I posted it to my audience because I considered how it might be harder for the organization to target my demographic.

Impressions: 532     Engagement: 15     Engagement Rate: 2.8%

I tried to recreate my most engaging Tweet by creating another GIF but it didn’t really do any better than my other Tweets. I was really, really hoping that Guillermo Del Toro (@RealGDT) would retweet it. Sadly, he did not. Later on, I realized I should have tagged #TomHiddleston instead of tagging his seldomly used Twitter account because fans stalk his hashtag.

Impressions: 328     Engagement: 32     Engagement Rate: 9.8%

I had hoped this collage would drive engagement in a sea of tweets using #NHned and #NewsEngagementDay. Although it made some impressions, it just didn’t live up to my expectation. I wasn’t really taking my overall audience into account in how they might not find this event relevant.

Impressions: 247     Engagement: 11     Engagement Rate: 4.5%

I thought I was being clever when I thought of this message, but in actuality, my peers had stronger messages that received better engagement. Looking back, I could have done more with the photo. Also, I could have posted it at a different time of day.

Impressions: 227     Engagement: 20     Engagement Rate: 8.8%

For this post, I had to come up with a new hashtag so I localized it and made #WhatsNewAtNewhouse. I felt a little guilty promoting another department’s degree when I don’t really promote my own department. This is also one of my Tweets in which I included a shortened link.

Impressions: 224     Engagement: 29     Engagement Rate: 12.9%

I really liked this picture of Amelia and me at the PRSSA National Conference. It worked out that I could post it and use it toward the Day of the Week hashtag assignment. If I had enough room in the Tweet, I would have used #PRSSANC because it was trending nationally on Twitter and would have made more impressions.

Impressions: 363     Engagement: 40     Engagement Rate: 11%

For my first EVER throwback Thursday, I used a picture that everyone in the #NHsmtp would recognize for its location and subjects. I remember that this was one of the first Tweets I scheduled through Hootsuite.

Impressions: 327     Engagement: 27     Engagement Rate: 8.3%

Another professor-related tweet received some attention. It was the beginning of my follow Fridays (which I have now tried to make a habit of posting every few weeks.) The professors I tagged have strong Twitter followings which likely influenced engagement rate.

Impressions: 202     Engagement: 20     Engagement Rate: 9.9%

Overall, I had a great time Tweeting using #NHsmtp. Creating this top ten list of my successful Tweets shows the things I should try to incorporate into my personal tweeting habits.


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