My Top Ten Tweets

As I reflect on my tweets throughout this semester, it’s apparent that my top ten tweets have something particular about them that attracts other Twitter users. Whether it be the inclusion of media, a high profile account, a well-known hashtag, or an infographic, something about these tweets stands out from the ordinary. This first tweet garnered 162 engagements and 2,912 impressions. To construct this post, I uploaded an image of the Ahi Tuna Salad I ordered from BJ’s restaurants. I also tweeted at the restaurants Twitter handle, who then retweeted this tweet. I believe this post in particular got the highest engagement and impressions because it was retweeted by an account with a large following on Twitter. The accompaniment of the image also sparked interest from other foodies on Twitter like myself.

This next tweet received 34 engagements on Twitter. Again, this is no ordinary tweet. The inclusion of an infographic about Taylor Swift is not commonly seen on Twitter and may have intrigued my followers enough to click on the tweet and find out more. By including an infographic, my followers weren’t reading a standard tweet; they were learning something. It also helps that this tweet refers to one of the highest profile celebrities in the world today.

My third top tweet reaches out to a high profile news anchor for CBS New York, who I also consider one of my role models. She has a very good presence on Twitter, and I believe that this tweet garnered 34 engagements because my followers were interested in who I was tweeting at. When writing this tweet, I wanted to be honest and express my appreciation for Kristine Johnson in hopes that she would feel flattered and engage back with me in return. I was very excited to see that she did.

This next tweet received 31 engagements, not to my surprise. I purposely tweeted about something that I know is a hot topic on Twitter. Scandal releases a new episode every Thursday, so I thought tweeting about the TV series a day in advance would prepare my followers and encourage them to #talkwithtaryn. I also believe the inclusion of this unique hashtag intrigued my followers and peeked their curiosity. They may have clicked on the tweet or favorited it because they welcomed the opportunity to talk, or simply because they love Scandal like the rest of the Twitterverse.

I believe this fifth tweet received 28 engagements because it included multiple images. It also was posted in a timely manner as I constructed the tweet on the first real day of fall.

This tweet resembles similarity to the Kristine Johnson tweet from before. I tweeted at a colleague of mine from my internship over the summer. People may have clicked on this tweet to see who Marisa Brahney was, or because they knew of the news station Twitter handle.

I know that a few of my followers in particular are fans of Nina Dobrev. In actuality, I believe this tweet received 23 engagements because it included a well-positioned photo of an attractive actress. It also included a popular hashtag that many people follow on Twitter.

This tweet may have garnered 22 engagements because it included a clickable link in it. I wanted to include the full link so that my followers would know it was directing them to my blog. I also included the image from my blog to give users a window into what my blog was like.

This is a tweet I felt very passionate about, and I am glad that it made it into my top ten with 20 engagements. It includes a link and a visual of the article. It brings up a topic that I feel a lot of people my age can relate to. In writing the post, I made my tone urgent in writing “this is important” so that I would intrigue my followers and encourage them to read more.

Finally, I believe this last time received 19 engagements because it included a link, an interesting hashtag, as well as a photo. It had three elements that were clickable and intriguing to users. People may wonder what #MAMB is and click the tweet, or they may have been interested in what the actual pin on Pinterest looked like. I made sure to be discreet but appealing in constructing this tweet so that users would be more likely to actually want to know more and go like the pin.

After evaluating my top ten as a whole, it appears the inclusion of media was potentially the most influential aspect of my tweets. I don’t believe it’s enough to tweet with regular text anymore. When scrolling through my own newsfeed, I find myself clicking on tweets that have images, links, or interesting hashtags. Also, based on google trends, it’s definitely beneficial to tweet about hot topics on Twitter. By joining an ongoing conversation, users are more likely to engage and respond with one another. This is why I am also thankful for the #NHsmc hashtag and recognize the traffic it drove to my account on Twitter. My being part of a community that started solely for class assignments has lead to an my increased social media presence, follower growth, and a higher desire to engage with my peers and join the conversation.


All numbers courtesy of Twitter Analytics unless noted otherwise.

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