New Years Destiny and Fast Food


This post was inspired by the love of fast food and binge eating during finals week and was developed and targeted to all those who fear their New Year’s Even plans next month. While there is a whole month to plan, many people are stressing how they will celebrate now and confirming their travel plans. It is a time-relevant campaign that also uses classic debates (i.e., Starbucks vs. Dunkin, McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s) as a way to use emotion to get people to complete the quiz.


The main objective is to market this post using social media to get it promoted and increase views.

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Spending the $5 on Twitter Ads definitely helped generate and pick up more views than not. My posts usually receive around 20 views when I promote to my twitter and facebook followers, so this multiplied viewership by 1200%. In that sense, I would say it was a success.

However, I did not reach my ultimate goal of getting my post promoted. It was my hopes that BuzzFeed Community editors would see the spike in engagement and promote the post, even if it did not peak their interest initially. This was not the case. It seems to me that spikes in engagement or promotion is not what BuzzFeed Community is looking for. Like we have been addressing in class, there is definitely a formula for these community posts and unfortunately, the community editors did not think I hit it with this one.


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