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For tweet

1.This is my first time using Twitter and I follow some photographer on Twitter. I learn how to mention people, and I have no follower at this time. I know they will not follow me back because I did not post any photos I took on Twitter. The only way to get them follow back is to start to post some nice photos.


2.It is my first time to upload my photo on the twitter. I will post more photos I took on the Twitter because I hope to get the photographer follow back in the future.


3.  It is my first time to retweet. It was a nice movie “shape of water” I watched the movie because I retweet. I hope to recommend the film to everyone who loves to watch the film. I enjoy the process of share.


4.It is the first time I using the “moment” It’s a good way to an organization a series of the tweets.  I use it to write the comments on the documentary “Extremis.” After this post, I got two followers.



5.It is my first time to learn add the video on a tweet and the video can be creative.


6. It is my first time to add the gif, which is so funny. After this post, I got three followers, If I can redo it, I will add hashtags to get more attention.


7. I share the moment when I watched the Oscar with my friend and it’s the first time I use the hashtags, not just class hashtags. I got two more followers.


8. It is the first time I use the “flow” post by monitoring a trending topic stack in Tweetdeck

9.This post is my favorite one. I share the “remember me” during I watching the Oscar and share my life. I share my life with everyone who follows me.


10. It is the first tweet that I mention a company—Regal movie. I just want to say thank you for them. And I thought a tweet is the best way to build a bridge between custom and company.



summary: I am new to Tweet part. I trying to insert the video, gif, and picture to my tweet. Also, I add the hashtags and get people’s attention. I mention the people and company’s name. That makes me feel like getting the connection with the company. I am not good at Twitter,  but I use those skill on my ins. I add some hashtags to my picture and I get more likes and followers.


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