There’s something ironic about live tweeting, and snapchat stories. They’re all about living in the moment and using technology to share those moments with others- but when you really think about it, they’re about being anywhere but where you are.

I took a trip across Europe and I realized that because of social media I rarely live in the moment, instead I capture it, edit it and post it. I am never ever where I am, instead I am back home in Pennsylvania with my family or I am in Syracuse with my friends.

I caught myself viewing the famous paintings of Michelangelo through the lens of my iPhone camera on a 5.5 in. screen. I spent more time trying to make a cute boomerang video at the Trevi Fountain  than actually appreciating it for the masterpiece it is.

Surprisingly I’ve never felt the need to just randomly throw up a peace sign or stand looking off into the distance unless its for a social media post. There’s nothing real about this #livinginmoment pic.

The crazy thing is, I’m not the only one. Everywhere I look I see people doing it. I went to a wine tasting and dinner. It was advertised as an opportunity to make friends. What I didn’t realize, is that in todays society that meant Facebook friends. It started out as adding pictures to a snap story, and throwing up an Instagram post, but quickly devolved into showing each other the funniest memes in our camera rolls because the actual conversation was too painful.

I can’t tell you a single meaningful thing about any of the “friends” I made at that dinner based off of our conversation that night, because no one- including myself was actually at that table.


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