Oh, boy! Let’s go viral!

Recently, I have heard many of my friends and classmates discussing upcoming date night parties that they were attending or had gone to in the past couple of days. One of my friends went to a date night last weekend and said the boy would not stop talking about his ex-girlfriend. Later that night, I saw a meme of SpongeBob, and thought her story would fit perfectly with the image.

I had seen a variety of memes with the “imma head out” caption, but this one in particular inspired me to create my meme:

My objective was to reach at least 500 views on Imgur.com on the following meme that I created:

Oh, boy! lol! 

The way I reached 1,326 views on my meme by using trending hashtags and by asking for help from family and friends. By researching the trending hashtags and having my family members and friends click on and share the link, I was able to see a steady incline of 100 views an hour within the first couple of hours. I also shared the link in my sorority group chat and on my Twitter and Facebook pages. 1,326 was the final number of views of my meme.

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