One Less conviction #AltonSterling

As a person of color, I am heartbroken with the news that the officers who shot Alton Sterling won’t be convicted. I am once again having to console myself because another hashtag will be left trending without justice. The truth is I don’t know why I am still crying and trying to console myself. America has continuously shown us that they don’t care if justice is served for people of color.

I first saw Alton Sterling‘s fatal shooting came right before I saw Philando Castile‘s fatal shooting and I remember being traumatized. I remember thinking that my college-bound brother could be this man, my father could be this man, my best friends could be this man. I remember thinking any person of color could be this man but while many people in this country are feeling just as traumatized as I am with every shooting and conviction that isn’t pursued, there are many people still see a gangbanger in Alton and Philando. There are people who don’t see a human being in Alton Sterling. This country is divided between seeing people of color as human beings. Some only see twerkers and criminals. The tweets below reflect this division.

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