One Small Insta Pic for a Woman, One Large Tweet for Mankind

When thinking about the endless amount of time I spend on social media each day, I realized that amongst all of the likes, comments, and tweets, there truly is a purpose why I’m there. I enjoy the wide spectrum of knowledge I gain when looking through social media. Everything from what broadway show my parents went to see without me last week to what new small feature was added to the iPhone 7 that is clearly going to be embellished as the best thing yet.

The main reasons why I use social media fall into the genres of connecting with family and friends as well as keeping up with what is going on in the country and entire world.

As a college student you learn within the first weeks of being away from home that it’s up to you whether you will continue the friendships from the first chapter of your life or not. Social media has made it easier to keep these connections and stay in touch. My family means the world to me and I love that social media allows us to keep up with each others  lives even when my cousin was flying helicopters in the US Navy overseas.

While growing up in an unpredictable world I have made it my responsibility to keep up with current events. Similar to those maintained friendships, social media has made this easy. It’s basically as if the news is handed to me on a silver platter. Reading through my twitter feed or checking The Skimm daily, allows me to keep up to date and in the global know.


2 thoughts on “One Small Insta Pic for a Woman, One Large Tweet for Mankind

  1. Hey Emily! Great points, I always find myself thinking about ” keeping up with what is going on in the country and entire world” — It’s amazing to me how social media can make something that happens in a foreign land seem like it happened right next to you. Being constantly connected, everybody is now linked and can be informed on anything about anywhere (that social media touches). The biggest example of this, I think, is the #blacklivesmatter movement. Personally, I was entirely unaware of the police bias and brutality towards this demographic. But once social media broadcast it for everyone to see, it has now turned into a literal movement and steps are being made to finally mitigate the horrible happenings.

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