Personal Influence Growth Analysis

Between Aug. 28 and Nov. 29 this year, my Twitter follower grew by 63 (12.3 percent) from 513 to 576. My Klout score slightly went up from 44.72 to 46.99. During that period, I’ve gained numerous followers who are reporters and designers at The Daily Orange where I work as a copy chief. Several Daily Orange alumni — Kathleen Ronayne at The Associated Press, Marwa Eltagouri of The Washington Post and Dave Levinthal with The Center for Public Integrity — and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications also began following me on Twitter. I got followed by Ronayne, whom I had been following before she started to follow me, after I liked one of tweets and by Eltagouri after I tweeted out an article written by her. I had talked to them prior to start following on Twitter. Levinthal began following me after I published a feature story for Remembrance Week this October.

Top tweets/social media posts

Impressions: 890, Total engagements 111, Media engagements 70, Link clicks 16, Likes 12, Detail expands 7, Hashtag clicks 3, Profile clicks 2 and Retweets 1

This tweet performed the best among all tweets with the class hashtag. I think many people engaged with it because the picture was 360 degrees and it was “different” from what people had seen.

Impressions: 852 (416 organic 436 promoted), Total engagements 172, Media engagements 158, Detail expands 5, Likes 3, Hashtag clicks 3, Profile clicks 2, Link clicks 1
This post was part of my viral challenge project. Thanks to Twitter Ad, I earned extra 436 promoted impressions even though I only spent $5.

Impressions: 411, Total engagements 52, Media engagements 26, Detail expands 17, Likes 5, Hashtag clicks 2, Profile clicks 1, Link clicks 1
This post was relatively well-received because I think it’s funny and original.

Impressions: 846, Total engagements 22,  Detail expands 12, Likes 4, Retweets 2, Hashtag clicks 2, Profile clicks 2
This Tweet included a key hashtag #FollowFriday and Twitter handle names of three well-known investigative news agencies.

Impressions 651, Total engagement 9, Media engagements 7, Likes 1, Link Clicks 1
This Tweet incorporated a graph presenting interesting information: North Korea became a frequent term to be used around the time of the Korean War.

Impressions 730, Total engagements 49, Media engagements 29, Detail expands 9, Hashtag clicks 5, Likes 3, Profile clicks
2, Retweets 1

Impressions 414, Total engagements 5, Detail expands 2, Replies 1, Likes 1, Hashtag clicks 1
I received more than 100 likes on this Instagram post for Remembrance Week. I think it did well because of the photo: a woman looking over empty chairs on the Quad where 35 SU were sitting on Pan Am Flight 103.
This pot got 107 likes. The photo was in decent quality.
This post earned 76 likes. This was my first time using Swipeable, and I got a like from a graphic design intern at the Tampa Bay Times who seldom clinks a like button on my Instagram pictures.

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