Personal Influence Growth and Analysis/Top 10 Tweets




Before taking this class, I had a fairly well developed Twitter following with 664 followers. However, since taking the course, my following has seen an 11% increase with a total of 747 followers.


At the beginning of class, my Klout score was 38.72. It has since increased to 43.22.

What Worked? 

I noticed throughout the semester that assignments that involved engaging in particular communities on Twitter were most successful in expanding my following. This was done through utilizing certain hashtags or mentioning users who were involved in a certain trend or group. Tweets that were more personal and weren’t as relatable to the follower base I have were not as effective.




Impressions: 2,811

Total Engagements: 22

Detail Expands: 2

Profile Clicks: 7

This tweet was successful because of the hashtag utilized and the topical focus. The tweet that I quote retweeted focuses on a show that is very popular and my tweet garnered some engagement with influencers related to the show. With that, my tweet likely found it’s way on to the timelines of Empire fans, therefore furthering my reach.


Impressions: 1,000

Total Engagements: 82

Media Engagements: 58

Detail Expands: 9

Profile Clicks: 2

I think this content performed well because it is laughable and out of the box. Also, after seeing how well the previous tweet performed as well, I think the utilization of the #Periscope tag helped boost engagement. That partnered with the usage of the #DunkinDonuts tag likely helped increase visibility and impressions.


Impressions: 543

Total Engagements: 29

Detail Expands: 9

Hashtag Clicks: 1

I think this tweet was successful because I tapped a subject that my existing following base is already interested in and passionate about. Most of my followers are friends and peers from Syracuse University, so commenting on something that was relatable to that group helped prompt users to share and engage.


Impressions: 582

Media Engagements: 50

Total Engagements: 76

Detail Expands: 4

Hashtag Clicks: 2

The success of this tweet is similar to that of the first tweet. I was able to reach not only the Syracuse fans that already followed me, but also those who do not by utilizing proper hashtags and usernames. This was evident through both the high number of engagement and the variety of users who directly engaged with the post.


Impressions: 476

Total Engagements:103

Media Engagements: 82

Detail Expands: 6

Hashtag Clicks: 5

I attribute the success of this tweet to the timeliness of it. Both inside and outside of this class, tweets that I post during award shows tend to perform very well because of the prominence of the second screen experience. Many people prefer to follow along on sites like Twitter, even if they aren’t watching the show for themselves. By commenting on such a talked about performance at The Grammys, I was able to get the attention of those watching or those interested in Beyonce. I do wish, however, I would have remembered to give proper sourcing credit for the images.


Impressions: 376

Total Engagements:89

Media Engagements: 68

Detail Expands: 3

Hashtag Clicks: 2

This is another case in which the timing was important for the success of the tweet. These fails, particularly the Pepsi spot, were trending worldwide on Twitter that day. In addition, as an advertising major, a decent amount of my following is composed of other advertising students and professionals. This cohort was likely more inclined to engage with content related to advertising.


Impressions: 429

Total Engagements: 46

Media Engagements: 33

Detail Expands: 4

Hashtag Clicks: 5

This tweet likely thrived because it’s relatable. Many people have a rough time getting going on Monday mornings and Rupi Kaur is currently very popular to people around my age. Using  generic wide-reaching hashtags like #MotivationMonday and #Poetry also helped with impressions.


Impressions: 451

Total Engagements: 89

Media Engagements: 53

Detail Expands: 16

Hashtag Clicks: 2

This tweet was popular because it encompassed both the professional and social gatherings I have in my follower base. LinkedIn being a professional site garnered engagement from old coworkers and professors. The idea of the “500+ club,” however, is more of a social concept and is a topic that is often discussed with my friends and peers here at Syracuse. The attached screenshot also helped as visuals always perform better than just a text post.


Impressions: 345

Total Engagements: 54

Media Engagements: 38

Detail Expands: 4

Hashtag Clicks: 1

I chose these images for this particular assignment because I have posted all of them on Instagram before and they performed very well. Being from right outside of New York City, many of my followers either live or work in the city and enjoy seeing well directed pictures of it. After taking what I knew about how they performed on Instagram, I was able to utilize cross platform analysis to determine whether or not they would perform well on Twitter. I think utilizing the collage feature also helped the post become more aesthetically pleasing.


Impressions: 353

Total Engagements: 62

Media Engagements: 38

Detail Expands: 6

Link Clicks: 7

For this post, I zeroed in on the transformative focused trends going around social media recently. Pictures that are before and afters of any sort tend to garner a ton of engagement and attention. This is why I decided to do a Freshman vs. Senior year theme for this particular assignment. I also think posting a tweet that was so focused on myself caught the eye of my close friends and family and prompted them to engage with the content.

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