Politicians and Their New Love: Twitter

With the power of social media, politicians are given larger platforms to spread their opinions and interact with constituents. Citizens are also able to readily see these opinions which has lead to both positive and negative effects on the current political climate. People are taking to social media to gather deeper understandings into different issues and to voice their views.

As detailed in Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw’s agenda setting theory, media has sizable an impact on voters’ judgments, and what they consider to be a major issue in political campaigns. With that being said, politicians now have to carefully decide what they choose share to the public. Over the years, we have seen many politicians abuse this sense of freedom on social media, and tweet out numerous items that are absurd.

Twitter makes for the perfect place for politicians to spread their stances on issues that are popular on these platforms. Politicians should think of clever ways to grab people’s attention and engage in conversations.

Senator Elizabeth Warren manages to interact with her followers while presenting her opinion on issues that are popular on Twitter. Senator Warren also adds a bit of personality to tweets which make them enteratining, but informative. As many politicians do, Warren does seem to forget her filter when tweeting.

The tweet earns a chuckle when read, but it tends to move away from feeling professional. Always think before any tweet because whatever you send may always be tied to you. When there is a tweet that extends out of the typical voice of the figure, it is noticed. For many politicians, Twitter has become a reflection of their platform.

2 thoughts on “Politicians and Their New Love: Twitter

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I think you make a great point here. To me it seems like politicians are forgetting one of the crucial rules we learned in elementary school: think before you speak. As you said, it truly does not reflect well on their personal image and makes a statement when it does not fall into line with the norms of what a politician should be saying. I can’t help but wonder if social media will bring out everyones true colors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your examples are helpful in understanding this theory. So often we assume politicians use theories and techniques in more professional and serious ways, however, with your examples here, we see how Senator Warren doesn’t limit her persona on social media to her political position. That can sometimes prevent a public figure from being relatable. Her humor and willingness to not always “filter” her content, may connect her with the public quicker than earning their trust or support through other public appearances and interviews. I enjoyed this post! I’ll have to check out her feed now.

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