Ready Player One Twitter Campaign


The objective of this campaign was to get more than 500 views on Imgur for a meme about the movie Ready Player One. I wanted to encourage Twitter users to go see the movie as it is a throwback to the golden age of pop culture and gaming. The campaign consisted of four tweets, and the objective was to get 5 likes for each tweet in the campaign.

Imgur Meme

More Proud than I Should Be

I used my personal account to publish the first tweet with the meme. The nostalgia in the movie was something I was sold on, so I made it the focus of the meme. The first tweet got one like, and the meme got a total of 449 views.

Twitter Webcard

I created a campaign on Twitter Ads and used a webcard to promote the meme. The audience was Twitter users that follow CollegeHumor as I thought the content of the movie was something they would relate to.

Twitter Ads Engagement and Spend

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The campaign started at 4/12 with a budget of $5. Unfortunately, it did not receive any impressions.


When the first tweet was published on my personal account, I was able to get 410 views on the Imgur meme. However, when I posted the second, third and fourth tweets, the views increased to 449. I could not get 5 likes for each tweet as hoped. I believe this is because I don’t have many followers on my personal account followers, and they are not active on Twitter. I believe the webcard did not receive any engagement because the CollegeHumor followers did not relate to the meme. It’s important to note that the meme was downvoted 9 times and received 2 negative comments on imgur. I believe it is because the users do not relate to the meme or don’t approve of the content. Using my personal account definitely did not work. Given the chance to do another campaign, I would use more promoted tweets and no personal posts. I would also change the audience of the campaign to users that follow an account with an audience that plays games such as @Machinima.

Final Engagement

Although the Webcard did not receive any impressions, the meme received a total of 449 views on imgur which is only 51 less than the goal. I believe with the changes mentioned before, the campaign would achieve the goal of receive more than 500 meme views.


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