Remember the Lyrics: 2007 Edition

In this video, we feature some Syracuse students trying to remember the lyrics to songs that topped the Billboard charts in 2007. This post was inspired by a trending post from BuzzFeed UK titled “22 Songs Anyone Who Was a Fresher in 2007 Will Remember Perfectly.” Below are the stats we picked up from a CrowdTangle post on the NHBuzzFeed class Slack.

What we learned from the BuzzFeed UK post is that people were nostalgic from songs they remember from their younger days. Presumably, BuzzFeed UK used 2007 because many of those songs are celebrating their tenth anniversary. We decided to create a video also using songs from 2007 that would make people feel nostalgic. One of the songs we chose was Flo Rida’s “Low,” which was also a song featured in the BuzzFeed Uk post off which we based our video.

The final result was a comedic take of students trying to recall some of the songs they knew very well back in 2007. Check out our video below.

2007 Billboard Top 100 Lyrics Challenge from Tauri Howard and Jasmine Gomez on Vimeo.

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