#Rio2016: Connecting An International Twitter Community


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The Geography search for #Rio2016 shows the vast geographic audience of the Olympics. Although the hashtag was used in many areas of the world, some areas had a greater amount of activity. The United States, Western Europe, and the coast of South America had the greatest amount of activity with the hashtag. This could be due to the fact that these areas send a lot of athletes to the Olympics, the United States has won the most medals, and the coast of South America is where the 2016 Olympics were held.


Word Cloud:

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The #Rio2016 word cloud represents the international community in the most ideal fashion. Within the cloud you find a variety of words in different languages and with different meanings, supporting the idea that this hashtag has a true worldwide impact. Another interesting word found within the cloud is โ€˜httpsโ€™. This is one of the largest words and when first seeing it I was puzzled, then I started to realize this may be related to embedded images or links within individuals tweets. People are engaging with #Rio2016 far beyond simple text. ย 


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The Buzzgraph for #Rio2016 consisted of positive messages relative to the olympic events. The most strongly correlated words were olympics, teamusa, gold, congrats, and medal, which indicates the real success of Team USA who took home the most gold medals throughout the games. Other relevant words include history, record and champion which shows a generally positive outlook and overall pride of the viewers who took to Twitter.


Most Retweets:

Usain Bolt continues to set Olympic records every four years. ย He also set a record for the most retweets with the Rio2016 hashtag. ย He set the record with an estimated 70,990 retweets.


Recent Tweets:

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The 5 most recent tweets using the hashtag were tweeted from Central or South America, 2 of them were ad related promoting tennis. ย 



By: Jessica Berenson, Emily Kellman, Lauren Grubb, Matthew Schiff

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