Round Up: My Top 10 Tweets

I began this semester with a whopping 59 followers and a klout score of 28. Over the course of this semester, I have been making conscious efforts to improve my so called twitter-game and my influence on the social media platform. Today, I have 71 followers and a klout score of 35. Below is a round up of my top ten tweets from this course, all of which helped me up my influence on Twitter. Enjoy!

  1. Impressions: 1,075 Engagement: 94 Engagement Rate: 8.7%

To me, this tweet proves the world is good and positivity is passed along! I posted this tweet to publicly congratulate my classmate on a great first appearance on our class morning show. It was well received by the twitter community as everyone loves to see some love put out there in the twitter-verse. It ended up being my top tweet this semester!

2. Impressions: 385 Engagement: 60 Engagement Rate: 15.6%

This is a prime example of the power of a quoted tweet! Please not this tweet was not for this course and did not include the class hashtag. I quoted an announcement from my class morning show’s account. The tweet applauded the show for being an AP award finalist for best college TV. The quoted tweet was viewed by many and even gained me a follower…a faculty member at Newhouse!


3. Impressions: 280 Engagement: 69 Engagement Rate: 24.8%

This tweet embodied a lot of media and paid off as not only being one of my top tweets of the semester, but also helping my career! A Newhouse alum, who is also a successful journalist in Washington D.C., responded to the tweet and gave her email for us to send her our reels to review. The lightheartedness of the tweet, puns, and the “selfie” style, showed my followers that we were having fun and working hard. Also, the use of filter, captions, and geo-tags made the tweet very engaging!


4. Impressions: 213 Engagement: 21 Engagement Rate: 10.0%

This tweet included a picture from an event at Newhouse about race in the media. This tweet was successful as it included the event’s hashtags and was tweeted in real time at the event, allowing others who where at the event to see and engage with the tweet.


5.  Impressions: 160 Engagement: 28 Engagement Rate: 17.7%

You know what’s not fake news? The fact that twitter polls are engaging! As a journalism Master’s student, I am interested in which news outlets consumers trust or go to most. I figured a twitter poll is the perfect opportunity to ask the question. I received 10 responses but possibly would have received more if I included big hashtags such as #fakenews or #news.


6. Impressions:  262 Engagement: 22 Engagement Rate: 8.4%

A historic day must be tweeted about! This tweet resulted in high engagement as it was regarding one of the most watched events that day. Additionally, I mentioned journalists covering the event and the popular #followfriday. Though this tweet did not result in any new followers, the inclusion of the hashtag enabled my tweet to reach more people. If I were able to do this tweet over again, I would have included the trending #inagurationday hashtag to reach an even wider audience.


7. Impressions: 237 Engagement: 11 Engagement Rate: 4.6%

This tweet includes so much of what I love: girl power, GIFs, and the Spice Girls! What made this tweet successful was the use of rich media, a GIF specifically, along with the use of two strong hashtags. The use of #WomensHistoryMonth and #girlpower enabled this tweet to be seen by a much wider audience, even resulting in a feminist twitter account to retweet me!


8. Impressions: 231 Engagement: 21 Engagement Rate: 9.1%

This tweet was popular as it utilized the trending hashtag #springbreak. It also included media (picture) which helped make the tweet more engaging, even prompting a response from a fellow classmate!


9. Impressions: 196 Engagement: 7 Engagement Rate: 3.6%

#TGIF! I thought that was a creative hashtag as it was a play on words with GIF (the media content) and TGIF (posted on a Friday.) This tweet was popular as it included an original GIF and was of an embarrassing moment! I think the tweet showed that I am comfortable with myself and do not take myself too seriously.


10. Impressions: 167  Engagement: 4 Engagement Rate: 2.4%

This was my first time using the #ICYMI hashtag…and it was a success! Using the hashtag allowed my tweet to reach a wide audience. I have since re-used the hashtag #ICYMI and have received great feedback. I highly suggest using this hashtag as a way to show your followers you are informed and on top of whatever is happening in your particular industry. This tweet was also media rich with a video. Lastly, as an alumna of Delta Gamma, I have many followers who are in or were in collegiate sororities. Thus, this tweet fit a large part of my audience.

There you have it! My top ten #NHsmtp tweets from this semester! Some of my most popular tweets were outside of the class hashtag but all ten included in this round up greatly aided me in bumping up my influence and klout score. Speaking of… here are some statistics regarding my Twitter growth:

Starting Followers: 59          Ending Followers: 71          Percent Gain: 20.30%

Beginning Klout Scare: 28          Ending Klout Score: 35

I found thinking tweets through really makes a difference when seeking engagement. For example, quoting a tweet and having something to say, from my experience, results in more engagement rather than simply retweeting a tweet without adding your thoughts. Overall, I am pleased with my Twitter growth over the course of this semester and am excited to continue my growth as I move into my professional career. Specifically I am excited to gain a better grasp on my voice and to have a more targeted audience as I become a local journalist in a specific market.

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