Same Formula. New Coke. #RefreshTheFeed

On National Kindness Day, Coca-Cola took a new and innovative approach to rebrand their company across all their social media platforms. Since the social media space as a whole has been increasingly plagued with more and more negative or controversial content, Coca-Cola took the high road with this campaign. Coca-Cola rebranded by providing positive and uplifting messages about life in general after a blackout across all their social platforms.

This blackout stirred a lot of commotion as followers were not sure what Coke was doing or why. As a result, this aggressive social approach pre and post media blackout created some controversy.

However, this marketing strategy is a refreshing and innovative approach to change the mission of a company and allow for its users to love the brand rather than the product. This is especially important since consumers feel that companies such as (Facebook, Google, etc.) are just using them for data mining and cannot be trusted.

This new format also created a visually pleasing grid on Instagram.

With this new approach of social rebranding and multitudes of controversy online, I am intrigued to see if this strategy will be copied among other brands.

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