Semester of Influence

Throughout the period of this course, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of engagement growth on social media. I have seen how being consistent and staying true to my voice and tone can increase impressions on my posts. Over the semester, I have only gained 10 followers on Twitter (going from 125 to 135), but I averaged 127 impressions per day and are 11K impressions overall. This increase in numbers is quite significant for me since I was pretty much inactive on Twitter prior to joining this class. I learned that the tweets that did the best for me had a multimedia element attached to it. This could be a GIF, photo, or video, but whatever it was I saw a growth in my engagement numbers. I also learned about how hashtags can make a huge difference in the performance of a tweet. Hashtags can bring in the eyes of users who don’t follow you and I think this was the major reason for my small growth in followers. I one thing I could have done better was to be a bit more active daily. I would constantly be scrolling through Twitter, but would sometimes fail to interact with other users as much as I should. I think if I would have engaged a little more, I would have seen a bigger increase in followers. Below are my top ten tweets and the reasoning behind why I think they performed the best.


  1. This tweet is my top-performing tweet for the semester. It gained 11 likes, 3,065 impressions, and 67 engagements. I tweeted this right after the Grammys which are heavily talked about on Twitter because of all of the pop culture moments, the music, the fashion, and more. Billie Eilish is one of the trendiest artists of the year so when she won all of the awards, she was trending on Twitter and I think that is the main reason this tweet got a lot of traction. I also think the GIF drew in attention as well as the hashtag.

2. This tweet was done during the Super Bowl, another popular event that most of the country is watching and talking about. This one has 2,766 impressions and 309 engagements. I think this did well because of the meme aspect. We have learned a lot about how meme culture continues to grow and people love to be able to relate to one another. This meme was something relatable and also connected to something as culturally significant as the Superbowl.

3. This tweet received 429 impressions and 9 engagements. Again, Twitter loves talking about major pop culture events and this one was about the Oscars. This tweet did well for me because I took this popular moment from the Oscars and turned it into a meme that again, can relate to many people.

4. This tweet received 418 impressions and 5 engagements. This is another Superbowl tweet, but this one was targeted towards the audience that watches just for the commercials. I linked to one of the most popular commercials of the night while using the most used hashtag.

5. This next tweet got 357 impressions and 9 engagements. I think the tweet got the impressions it did because this is a topic that is discussed often and this tweet represents it with numbers and analytics. I used the hashtags for both Starbucks and Dunkin, but also #coffeetime which I found was a hashtag that coffee lovers often use. I think if I tagged the brands, it may have done a little bit better and I could have possibly engaged with their accounts.

6. The tweet got 353 impressions and 9 engagements. This tweet was surrounded around another popular trend, TikTok. I have found that a commonality amongst users of TikTok is that we all spend so much time scrolling that we lose track of time and hours go by. I thought that by connecting it to a Spongebob meme, it would bring some nostalgia to a current trend. The engagement could have improved if I did a few more hashtags and maybe tagged the TikTok twitter account.

7. This tweet received 339 impressions and 23 engagements. This tweet actually showed an influx in my engagements and I think it was because of my use of multiple photos and the #abroad. It was somewhat of a throwback that people also tend to like to engage with. It could have been stronger with more hashtags like #Italy or #travel.

8. This was a quote tweet in response to a popular influencer. It received 325 impressions and 9 engagements. It also surrounded around the Superbowl, but instead, it was focused on the halftime show. JLo was trending on Twitter both before and after the show so it was the right time to add to a meme the many people could relate to.

9. I tweeted this when the assignment was to engage with an influential Newhouse alum. it received 299 impressions and 5 engagements. This definitely had something to do with the fact that @Sarina has 20k followers and she liked the post. I was lucky to be able to engage with her, but it could have been stronger with a #NewhouseAlum or #Influencial.

10. This last tweet was a quote tweet that was in response to the news that abroad programs were being canceled and students were being sent home. It received 287 impressions and 4 engagements. This was a big topic of conversation and many people were shocked by the news. I could have added a #abroad or #coronavirus to bring in more engagement. I also should have been a little bit more careful about my spelling to maintain the seriousness of the topic I was tweeting about.

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