Should I Download #Quibi ?

Quibi, a new mobile, video platform, was made downloadable on April 6th. When searching “#Quibi” on Twitter, there have been many opinions that make you consider whether or not to download the app.


Positives aspects:

Since Quibi is only available on mobile devices, the screen positioning looks flawless in this video.

Perhaps these short-form videos are more addicting (and time consuming) than TikTok videos.

Quibi + quarantined = #quibantined

Thanks to these two, we have more time to consume the short content during the 90-day free trial.

It seems like a majority of consumers have already fallen in love with a few of the platform’s shows that include celebrities, like Sophie Turner, Chance the Rapper and Chrissy Teigen.


Negative aspects, that might deter consumers from downloading or keeping it, are:

This affects sharing between consumers, and the potential growth of their platform, as this halts the generation of memes, gifs, etc., which usually contribute to virality.

Related to the screen sharing issue, Quibi does not allow for screen mirroring or other ways to watch on larger screens.


Overall, if you’re in need of some new content during this global pandemic, Quibi would be a good platform to check out.

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