#Snowday: A Big Hooray, or Go Away?

Snow days: A child’s winter wonderland, a parent’s November nightmare. Currently today, #snowday is trending on twitter, and clearly, this precipitation is causing many disputations on the app. While others are posting some cute pictures of their animals playing outside, or admiring the snow, others, were not too thrilled. It is currently snowing in many northern states in the US, and some meteorologists predict 7-10 inches in the most impacted areas. This weather pattern provokes memes like above to be made—it makes light of a situation that could not be perceived as just another lovely winter day.

The memes and tweets that come out on a snow day such as today are meant to create a visual for how people feel during these colder, icier times. And then, of course, all the memes of those who live in California or Florida or any other warm state, poking fun at those who live in the cold as they go to the beach. The hashtag of #snowday shows how much diversity and talk a hashtag can bring to a certain trending subject matter, as well as the dichotomous relationship different people have with this weather pattern.

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