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My Tweets earned 2.0K impressions over the 86 day period. The number of Twitter follower increased from 5 to 14, which is a 180% change. The Klout score slightly grew from 13.29 (January 27th) to 14.14 (April 19th), with a peak of 15.12 on March 9th.

The most effective technique to increase the influence of an individual’s account is to expand the individual’s real-life social network. For example, following my classmates and letting them follow my account has been the most effective way in which the engagements of my Twitter account increased. Besides, it is also important to find a particular theme or style for the content you share, and particular tone and voice of your posts. I also think that mentioning and replying to people is helpful. People tend to follow users who agree with them and ask for their opinions.


1. This Tweet got 3 likes and ranked first in impressions which was 202. In this post, I attached a video clip and used emoji to improve its richness. I also tagged the movie’s name so the movie fans could see this amusing clip. But the movie is not as popular among English-speaking users as among Japanese-speaking users so I should have tagged the names of the actors and the movie in Japanese so as to get more engagements.

2. This self-introduction got 186 impressions (mostly from class members) but I am by no means satisfied with it. This was my first post for this class and I have made it too rigid and complicated (although it told the truth!). It was not engaging at all and I used no technique.

3. In this Tweet, I combined a recently popular queer film with an insightful review of another queer film that I had read and retweeted before. Hashtag #ICYMI was used. I hoped that I could generate engagements from the trending topic and that the old post could produce new engagements. And I believe it worked.

4. I created a Twitter photo collage about my ball-jointed dolls collection. It got 139 impressions and 13 engagements. The multiple photos and the hashtags such as #bjdstyle might have increased the number of views. But social media platforms for visual content such as Pinterest and Instagram would be more suitable for this kind of content.

5. In this post, I mentioned 3 ethnographers, gave compliments about their works and expressed my thoughts about ethnography. Hashtag #FollowFriday was used to expand my social network. Although this post did not earn a follower, it got 4 likes, including 1 like from an ethnographer who I admire a lot.

6. Always sharing positive things has been some users’ honor code on social media. Being motivational can be a good technique to gain popularity. In this post, I shared a cheerful moment of my life with trending hashtags #WednesdayMotivation and #positive which I identified using Twitterdeck. A photo was attached to increase its vividness and I also retweeted this post with an emoji to improve its media richness. This post got 3 likes and 1 reply.

7. This was my second post for this class. I made an effort to make in-depth comments. I quote retweeted the news of a recently in-theater movie, the Shape of Water. But this post was too dense and not engaging as a social media post should be – if you want to promote a movie on social media, you may want to give the audience something to share their opinions or experiences about.

8. I created the Twitter moments to put together all superhero memes I collected. And I also tagged it with #superhero. It got 3 link clicks and 2 likes. When reviewing it, I think I could have added more detailed tags such as #Marvel or #DC to engage particular fan groups and asked them to post their favorite superhero memes.

9. This was a pun from Marvel characters and in this post I was actually imitating Ironman’s voice, succinct, witty, slightly satirical. And I also added a meme for the words to refer to. But there was a potential copyright issue in this post because I did not credit the author. I got 1 like from a classmate who I know is a Marvel fan, which was very delightful.

10. This Instagram post was a great progress thanks to the techniques compared with my previous posts using no technique. I picked a light-hearted topic, edited the photo carefully, added the text to the image using “Over” app and attached as many related hashtags as I can think of. It received 13 likes, which was 5 times as the average number of likes of my Instagram posts.

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