Social Media Influencer Growth

Overall, my Twitter did not grow much over the course of the semester. I only gained six followers, growing my number from 189 to 195. This was a percent growth of 3.17. My Klout score also only went up two points, from 44 to 46. While I was making sure to be following and tag people I posted about, that did not mean a follow back in many cases. Also, some of my tweets were based on connections I already have when I maybe should have reached out into the industry more. I also could have done more of a search for hashtags to pull in more views and interaction with my tweets, since the ones I used did not seem to get the job done.

As for my top posts throughout the semester:

One of my most recent tweets was my top class tweet of the semester in terms of engagement. This was my screen capture post of a clip from “The Late Late Show’s” most recent Crosswalk The Musical segment. I really think that my use of #CrosswalkTheMusical brought in a lot more engagement and impressions than normal, which is why this was my best performing tweet. Also, the fact that it included the media rich aspect of video. Overall this tweet had 364 impressions, 36 engagements and a 9.9% engagement rate.

My second top class tweet in terms of engagement was my most recent one. This was our highlight assignment where I also shouted out a friend and fellow classmate for their recently published article. I really think that the fact that I included the #ThetaTau, which has been a popular hashtag as the story around the fraternity and the videos continues to develop, is what propelled this to be my top class tweet. It really shows that I was able to get better as the posts went on in terms for choosing the best hashtags. This post had 287 impressions, 30 engagements and a 10.8% engagement rate.

This Instagram post was my best performing class Instagram. This was for the spreading positivity assignment. This performed just above average for my Instagram posts, which I attribute to the #gradschoollife. It had 48 likes.

This throwback to my December/JanuaryNewhouse  trip to South Africa was another top tweet. This was the tweet I scheduled out via Tweetdeck and it was in the middle of our very long and cold winter. I had such a great time with these people experiencing this new place, and thought this throwback would brighten up their timelines. This tweet has 686 impressions, 10 engagements and a 1.5% engagement rate.

Relating to the prior post about South Africa, this reply tweet to Samantha Barry was another top performing tweet of mine. My thoughts behind this, beyond wanting to being awareness to an issue that I believe is important and needs more publicity, was engaging with Barry. As the Editor-in-Chief of Glamour, Barry is extremely engaged with anything she is tagged in. Absolutely everything I have ever tagged her in she has favorited. My goal, which I am still working on, is to get a follow. The reply tweet had 342 impressions, 4 engagements and a 1.2% engagement rate.

This Instagram post, where our assignment was to use text overlay, was another top performer for me. I had just returned from a weekend in New York City where I saw three Broadway shows. This prompted me to think back on all the shows I had seen and all I still want to see. This assignment seemed like the perfect opportunity to meld both together. Overall it had 34 likes and one comment from someone I am not connected with who answered the question I posed.

This depiction of in real life social media was another top performer this semester. My strategy here was to have something that represented multiple things. These letters, which were hanging in the house I live in and oversee during recruitment, represent both Greek life and Syracuse University. Looking back, I should have also used #SyracuseUniversity and another more generic Greek life hashtag to try and pull in more of an audience. Overall, the tweet had 303 impressions, 25 engagements and a 8.3% engagement rate.

The very first post for this class where we had to do #FollowFriday, is one of my top. I really think that having the #FollowFriday helped, but so did tagging these four influential women. This was also how I discover how engaged in terms of favoriting Samantha Barry is when she’s tagged. I only wish I was able to get one follow or a retweet out of it. In the end, this tweet had 271 impressions, 8 engagements and a 3% engagement rate.

From the assignment where we had to use a trending hashtag, this is a last class top tweet. Looking back on it now, I should have thrown in a few more hashtags, most specifically #Friends since I used a gif from the show. I also would hoped for a higher engagement because of the gif for media richness with the trending hashtag, but alas it does not always work. This tweet had 264 impressions, 5 engagements and a 1.9% engagement rate.

Although this was not a class assigned post, I tweeted this during the semester and it is by far my best performing tweet. On the weekend that I went to New York City and saw three shows, I tweeted this after seeing the third. Tagging David Cook is what brought in the most engagement. There were seven retweets from fans of his that weren’t following me. This was one instance where the person I tagged didn’t engage but their followers did. It taught me that the people with passionate fans will always engage. This tweet had 911 impressions, 51 engagements and a 5.6% engagement rate.


I have learned a lot this semester, from using rich media to choosing the best hashtags. The lessons best learned were the ones through practice, like to target the people with the most passionate followers if you’re looking for engagement. I cannot wait to keep applying these lessons as I continue posting and interacting in the social sphere.



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