SOS, I’ve Been Meme’d

-Chazz Inniss

I always wanted to go viral.  In some way shape or form I wanted to achieve mass popularity. I never thought it would become an assignment.

When creating the meme I naturally gravitated to my face. Why? I think I have a pretty meme-able face. I mean, its expressive, sort of symmetrical, and lends itself to jokes.  It plays off my brand, who I am. I am very much of my face and my name. Those things are what set me apart.

My goal for the marketing plan was to reach some form of popularity through this meme, or disrupt the feed of my peers.

C’s Get Degrees

So after executing my plan, here’s what worked and what didn’t. Well, first let me preface this by telling you now, I totally didn’t stick to my marketing plan. Life got in the way and I ended up planning out tweets and reworking my Facebook engagement strategy.  I think utilizing more impactful copy for my first initial tweets would’ve grabbed some more attention from my peers.  At first, I tried to catch people by using a tweet more related to the idea of the meme. It definitely wasn’t a strong meme, maybe a little too wordy and the picture quality wasn’t the best. However, what did work was how I started to change the narrative of the promotion from this is what my meme is about to “OMG I’ve been meme’d!?” Not only did this spark a lot of my peers interest but sparked an interest in to what meme I could’ve possibly been turned into. It makes the message hit a lot closer to home if it’s someone you know as opposed to it being something relatable. Once changing it to this narrative, I received higher levels of engagement. After seeing this, I changed platforms to Facebook, where I received large amounts of engagement in the form of likes, comments and emotional feelings.

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While on Facebook, my meme got a lot of engagement and interaction from my peers. I even received a call from my mom. A whole bunch of people believed that I was randomly turned into a meme.

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Framing myself as a victim of meme creation sparked the interest of my peers. I think that’s definitely the key. Many of my peers see memes all day, so what’s going to set one apart from the others? Familiarity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go viral. I received about 424 views. But, I learned a valuable lesson, if you want to be popular cry meme.

2 thoughts on “SOS, I’ve Been Meme’d

  1. I really like your meme. It’s funny and clearly engaging. It looks like you were able to implement your marketing plan with success, even if you didn’t reach the 500 view goal!!

  2. I like how you adjusted on the fly based on a different feel you got as the campaign went along – I did the same. I also enjoyed how you crafted your posts to better connect to your audience. I definitely feel something more catchy like, “OMG, I’ve been meme’d” will get people’s attention a lot more rather than simply tweeting out the overlying text that works better as the text than the headline of the post, per say.

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