SpongeBob Goes Viral


This meme is based on the “Meets” Meme frame, combining the “To-Do List – Nothing” SpongeBob GIF and current culture during the coronavirus pandemic.

This meme frame became popular on Twitter beginning in 2018 and continues to be popular, reemerging over the past year. Featured below is an example, using this meme frame, that went viral on Twitter.


The objective was to obtain 300 views on Imgur.


SpongeBob Quarantine 


The strategy was to promote the meme to a niche audience of SpongeBob fans across Twitter and Facebook. The initial launch of the meme on Imgur captured the most views. I used tags such as SpongeBob Meme, memes, meme, SpongeBob, and coronavirus in order to gain views. The initial Imgur post was successful gaining a little over 800 views that same morning. The tags seem to be an important element in reaching a larger audience. Next, I took to Twitter and Facebook to cross-promote. I utilized a SpongeBob meme group on Facebook which accounted for the majority of the rest of the views. Engaging within a private group dedicated to SpongeBob memes guaranteed I would be promoting my meme to the right audience. Turning to Twitter engagement, Twitter seemed to be unsuccessful. While the meme frame is fitting for Twitter, the original tweet only gained 3 likes while the second attempt gained 0. This could be due to the small following on my Twitter account or the lack of hashtags. Overall, my meme was successful in going viral exceeding the threshold at 1,175 views.


The final engagement number totaled 1,175 views and 14 upvotes.

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