Starbucks Strife

The following tweets are all focused on the controversy surrounding Starbucks in the past week. While waiting for a friend to join them, two black men were arrested in a suburban Philadelphia store because the manager accused them of loitering. The main controversy at hand was whether the race of the men was what caused police intervention and eventual arrest. Regardless, the news coverage has remained informative about the issues but many people have differing opinions on the cause of the event.


Some tweets  are informative, both about the aftermath of the event and the ramifications the corporation will receive:


The following tweets are in support of the innocent men and call on Starbucks (and other corporations) to make changes to what some consider racist policy. These tweets acknowledge the fact that racism is at the center of the issue and the arrest was unfair.


Finally, the remaining tweets are from people who believe that the ordeal has been blown out of proportion. They believe that the arrest had nothing to do with the race of the men, rather that it was a deserved arrest for loitering.


3 thoughts on “Starbucks Strife

  1. I think you did a great job on this post of showing all sides of the argument. This incident has been reported on by many top news stations and was not able to be as unbiased as you were. I like that you also drew attention to an issue that our society needs to continue to address. Interested to see if Starbucks continues to try to make this wrong right!

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