Steph Curry’s Doppelgänger: Viral Challenge

Stephen Curry is considered to be one of the top 3 basketball players in the NBA currently. He is best known for being a “sharpshooting wizard”.

Walking on the streets I found his doppelgänger- which refers to an exact look-alike or double of a person.

With that, I created a Twitter ads campaign to drive engagement to the meme uploaded into Imgur.


Main Objective:

Collect as much engagement as I can on my Twitter Webcard and Imgur views

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What worked in the campaign:

What worked in the campaign is that I added the right hashtags to the promotion of the Tweet which drives more traffic and engagement to it.

The hashtags that I chose were: #NBA, #doppelgänger and #StephCurry, which are very trending hashtags that may drive more conversation to the image.

Furthermore, I posted a few other tweets during the week of the campaign with different hashtags to get to other audiences, as well as tagging Stephen Curry’s personal handle to drive more audience which helped in the success of the campaign.

What didn’t work:

First, I made the mistake of posting some Tweets without the Imgur link, which means that I got engagement on the tweets, but did not drove more views to the Imgur image which would have increased the success.

Additionally, I should have created a more specific target audience, targeting only men for the campaign, since it was an image that would most likely interest men rather than women.

Twitter engagement

Twitter spend

Overall, the campaign exceeded my expectations and by adding the Twitter engagement plus the Imgur views, the image got an engagement of 144 people.


One thought on “Steph Curry’s Doppelgänger: Viral Challenge

  1. Hey Natalie! Great job on your campaign. Getting over 60 engagements is impressive. Definitely agree that the hashtags you used helped bring more attention to your meme. I am a LeBron James fan though…haha still great job.

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