The Agenda-Setting Function of Mass Media-Jing long

Agenda setting is one of the important social functions and effects of mass communication. There is a highly corresponding relationship between the public’s understanding and judgment of important issues in public affairs and the media coverage. That is, the media as a ” The issues reported by the “major events” are also reflected in the public awareness as a major event. The more emphasis the media gives, the more the public attaches importance to the issue. According to this highly relevant correlation, mass media has a function of forming the “agenda of the society”, and the mass media give various degrees of “salience” to various issues, affecting the focus of the public and the social environment Cognition.

According to the Journal article “The Agenda-Setting Function of Mass Media,” I have some advice would like to give politicians. The policy should be explained in time so that we can grasp the best time to set the agenda. From “perceiving” to “emphasizing” to “prioritizing” a series of issues according to their importance, this is an accumulation of effects and effects in turn. The greater the effect in the future, the more profound the impact will be. Then, according to the article: “Respondents were selected randomly from lists of registered voters in five Chapel Hill precincts economically, socially, and racially representative of the community.” Most of the specific issues are those that are bound to enter people’s daily lives because, in many cases, personal experience is enough to provide guidance on the current situation, so there is less need for additional guidance and the relevance of the media agenda to the public agenda It is lower.




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