The Life and Times of @nayasnook

So, my twitter account is a second twitter account I used to use for more of my niche comic/television show interests. I came back to the account for this class and started with 57 followers and ended with 82 followers. I think what helped with my tweets was tweeting about positivity.

I wrote this tweet with the intent of spreading positivity and used a picture from my spot in bed. I thought my tapestry was great to send that message. The engagement rate was high because people like positive things.

Impressions: 1,693

Engagements: 168

Engagement Rate: 9.9%

I wanted to get people to watch our persicope. Periscope is pretty much dead as an app though. Surprised I got any engagement at all. I tried to talk like a network talking about its own show.

Impressions: 562

Engagements: 3

Engagement Rate: 0.5%

Did this social justice activity in class. I am a big advocate for trans rights and positive body image so executing this tweet was on brand for me. Also, it was a trending topic at the time so it made sense that it got engagement.

Impressions: 558

Engagements: 9

Engagement Rate: 1.6%

I thought quote tweeting a prominent trans celebrity and adding the hashtag they were talking about was a great way to garner engagement.

Impressions: 543

Engagements: 12

Engagement Rate: 2.2%

I think I got engagement by mentioning our professor. She has high standing on twitter so if she likes something then it will be noticed.

Impressions: 393

Engagements: 19

Engagement Rate: 4.8%

Adding a pretty picture to a post and travel posts are always successful. Traveling is big for people and lots of twitter accounts are dedicated to travel pictures.

Impressions: 344

Engagements: 11

Engagement Rate: 3.2%

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was a huge hit. Tweeting about it while it was trending was really good and also as a reply with someone else garners more of an audience.

Impressions: 317

Engagements: 19

Engagement Rate: 6.0%

Not a lot of engagement on this post. Maybe people don’t like Michael B. Jordan, but I do.

Impressions: 251

Engagements: 2

Engagement Rate: 0.8%

The 1975 was trending at the moment so I decided to tweet about their new release. So, I got some engagement based on the topic.

Impressions: 250

Engagements: 11

Engagement Rate: 4.4%

I think quote tweeting gets a lot of engagement. So, I used it again for this same hashtag.

Impressions: 234

Engagements: 2

Engagement Rate: 0.9%

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