The Viral Betty White


I believe the best way for me to measure the marketing of this meme is keep track of how many views I am at after I post on a social media site. For example, the day that I post on Instagram, a couple hours later I will check Imgur to see if I have increased at all on views. This I will do after all my posts. 

The inspiration behind this meme was everyone placed under quarantine and having to utilize zoom and face time. One of things that got so popular was virtual happy hour. There are virtual happy hours between friends and even coworkers. Everyone is trying to establish a new normal and one of things that many people have been doing to stay connected with people are these virtual happy hours. I chose to add the photo of Betty White because she is an iconic woman and I’ve seen this photo before so I knew I wanted to incorporate it. 

Inspiring Meme:

I saw this meme on Twitter before we were coming up with ideas for our own meme. I got inspired by the drinking alone concept and sparked the idea of doing something with virtual happy hour. 

Imgur Meme: 

Virtual Betty White 


Overall, I think my meme could have been stronger. With the time that I had to get a meme posted this one was the best one that I came up with. I started off strong with the amount of views that I got on Imgur, I believe, but then throughout the time that I was posting on my social media, I was not growing in views, it was pretty much staying the same. I believe what worked within my plan was the platforms that I was posting the meme too and the relevance of the meme. The topic was very relevant, but it just didn’t get the traction that I needed to make it viral. What I also believe didn’t work was my limited followers to the Twitter account that I had and the new Instagram that I made for class. I think if I had a larger following base on Twitter it could have gotten more views. 

Final Engagement: 

In total, I received 416 views on my meme on Imgur. With limited practice on creating memes, I believe this is a solid collection of views, but no one created a derivative of my meme.

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